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Second-Hand Car Legal Issues


Second-Hand Car Legal Issues

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Specialized Vehicle Sales Lawyers in London, Essex, Surrey, and Kent with extensive expertise in all types of disputes concerning second-hand car legal problems, car dealers and traders all across the United Kingdom. Second-Hand Car Legal Issues

After buying a used car, you may find that it has been found to be faulty or defective, has outstanding finance, has been written off by an insurance company despite assurances that its HPI is clear, or has been clocked, and you need legal advice and assistance. If this is the case, this service can help.

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Rights of Auto Buyers

Even though consumer rights legislation was designed to improve the rights of automobile purchasers, getting your money back on a second-hand car is a different story.

You turn to us when you need not only someone who understands the regulations but also someone who has extensive understanding of the automotive business.

Not of the Quality or Appropriateness for the Purpose

The Sale of Goods Act and the Consumer Rights Act govern the sale of goods, but what happens if you buy a damaged second-hand car?

You may be able to seek a refund if the vehicle isn’t of acceptable quality or suitable for purpose but finding a low-cost second-hand automobile solicitor may be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

The answer is in the hands of our top lawyer for the automotive trade and auto sales; contact us at 0333 700 7676 for a free consultation and first legal guidance.

Have You Bought a Car But Have Unpaid Debt?

If you buy a used automobile on credit from a dealership or a private seller, you’ve just purchased a legal headache. If the borrower does not make the payments, the motor financing business has the legal authority to seize the automobile, leaving the innocent buyer without the car and their money. ” Our automotive finance law specialists are here to help you if you’ve purchased a vehicle with outstanding financing.

A Cat C or Cat D policy It’s time to get rid of it

It is completely legal to deal in salvage and damaged repairable vehicles; however, fixing and selling them without disclosing their past is not.

You may be entitled to a refund if the garage or dealer failed to disclose the fact that the vehicle you purchased was an insurance write-off at the time of purchase. Call 0333 700 7676 for a free first consultation with one of our low-cost, fixed fee, direct access top driving attorneys.

Is the Mileage False or Caught?

The condition, origin, and mileage of a used automobile all play a role in determining the value of a vehicle, as well as its legality. A vehicle with low mileage is worth more since it has a lower resale value and hence a higher profit margin for a car dealership. Of course, it is illegal to phone 0333 700 7676 for trade law advice.


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