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Insurance premiums are standardized


Insurance premiums are standardized

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For most of our clients, insuring their homes and their belongings isn’t as simple as insuring a typical residence. Additionally, there is the leasehold or freehold issue to keep in mind while looking for apartments.

In addition, your Mortgage Company may have further requirements since they will also need to see proof of the building insurance.

You’ll need a different style of cover based on whether your vehicle has a top speed.

In any case, you’ll need a landlord’s insurance coverage to protect yourself if you decide to rent out the home.

The usual building insurance for flats that you had while you were living in your apartment may still apply if you continue to pay your management/service costs.

So, for example, if you reside in your apartment, you may be able to continue to pay the management/service fee and get the same advantages regardless of whether you rent it out.

But it’s worth checking the terms of your lease agreement to see whether it will still be legal if you rent out your unit and if the liability coverage you have is enough.

To begin, choose the kind of property (flat type) you want to insure from the following selection.

Types of a Flat

Converting a Flat

The term “converted flat” refers to a self-contained apartment that was once part of a bigger house.

Flats For Sale in Freehold

The term “freehold flat” refers to a property that has the right to the land on which it is constructed.

Flats Designed for Specific Purpose

As the name implies, a purpose-built flat is a flat that was constructed and built specifically for the purpose of being a separate residential unit inside a larger building.

Apartment in a Studio

A studio apartment is a single room dwelling that includes a bathroom and, in some cases, a kitchenette. No shared amenities here


A two-story apartment or flat with stairs or a separate entrance on the street level. Neighboring units that have separate entrances and separate living quarters, except for a washroom or basement and a garage on the same level.


In Scotland, this refers to a block of apartments that share a single central stairway and do not have an elevator. Scotland’s traditional tenements are normally three to five stories high, with two to four apartments on each level, and are often built-in rows of terraced houses.

It is Mew’s land

Urban stable blocks that have been transformed into residential units are known as mews houses. The usual property is turned into a ground-floor garage with a modest apartment above that used to house the stableman.

First, you need to determine what sort of property you’re insuring. Then, it’s critical that you determine if the property is freehold or leasehold.

There are a variety of forms of ownership.


Outright ownership of a land or property, as opposed to leasehold (below), in which the owner has the right to occupy the land or property for a predetermined period.

The owner of a freehold property has full ownership of the property and the land it is situated on, as opposed to a leasehold property, which is rented out. Insurance will be needed for this freehold property.

The Freeholder is the individual who owns the property. Because there can only be one freeholder for each piece of property, if there are numerous apartments on the same plot of land, they will either share the freehold or each have a leasehold.


There are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing a leasehold home. Ownership of a freehold property is indefinite until the owner chooses to transfer it. Leasehold sales of apartments and flats are common.

As a tenant, the landlord may be charged a ground rent and an annual service cost to support the upkeep of the property’s exterior, including cleaning and gardening. The property may also be subject to limits on what the tenant may do with it.

Flat insurance may be the solution since the landlord pays for the building’s insurance, but the tenant is responsible for the contents.

Enhanced Policy Options

Indemnification of Landlords:

Both freehold and leasehold ownership will need the inclusion of liability coverage in the policy.

Generally, a building owner’s liability insurance policy includes coverage for any legal action filed against the owner of the covered structure because of an accident.

The following are a few examples:

  • A third individual is struck by a falling slate from the roof of a nearby home.
  • A renter falls down the stairs and breaks their leg after tripping on a loose carpet.

A property owner’s liability insurance would cover all the possibilities. Some insurance companies sell plans that only cover property owners’ insurance for individual flat owners whose building insurance is already covered by the freeholder.

Replacement expenses for a new place to live:

There is a part in the building policy that details coverage for loss of rent and / or the expense of finding alternative lodging based on the kind of policy. If the insured property is damaged to the point that it is no longer livable, most building insurance plans will cover either the repair or replacement of the property.

  • Accommodation for proposers when the property is unusable provides alternate lodging for the proposers until they may return to the residence.
  • Not to be confused with Rent Insurance, which would indemnify the landlord should their tenant fail to pay their rent.

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