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Oil and aerospace are just two of Houston’s many draws. In the transportation of goods between U.S. ports, Houston, Texas, is ranked No. 2 in the nation, according to recent research More people work in the marine business in adjacent New Orleans than anywhere else. Texas ranks third in the nation for cargo transportation between U.S. ports when employees from all Texas ports are included.

With over 200 terminals, the Port of Houston handles more than 8200 ships and 215,000 barges each year. As many as tens of thousands of marine workers live in the Houston region.

As a result, there are a large number of marine injury cases in the city of Houston. If you or a loved one has been hurt while working at sea, you may need to retain a Houston maritime injury lawyer to defend your rights and help you recover the financial damages that result from your maritime accident.


Houston maritime lawyers are plentiful, and they know admiralty law (maritime law) inside out, but experience is key. As an elite maritime injury lawyer, founder Patrick Daniel has litigated hundreds of maritime injury cases and has substantial recoveries for his clients.

But this process requires more than a successful courtroom attorney. Maritime work is grueling, unforgiving and raw, and any Houston, Texas lawyer who aspires to represent maritime workers had better know the work as well as he knows the law. That’s what sets Patrick Daniel Law ahead of other law firms in Houston, Texas. He knows the work. He grew in Louisiana and has 20 years’ experience in litigating maritime cases – some of it from the other side of the courtroom.



There are literally hundreds of maritime companies in Houston, and even though they claim to appreciate their employees and the sacrifices they make, you’re only one fall on a slippery deck or one tumbling pallet of cargo in heavy seas from discovering how much or how little they truly do care.

If you are injured at sea, don’t assume your employer will compensate you fairly and make sure your medical bills are covered. Any one of a host of Houston maritime lawyers will quickly point out that the ball game changes drastically when an injury occurs. Not only that, but the rules are different for maritime employees and land-based employees. Defendants in maritime law cases try to hide behind the nuances of maritime law, hoping the injured party is not up to speed on them.

For instance, Workman’s Comp does not apply to injuries suffered while at sea. But thanks to the federal Jones Act, maritime workers have the ability to sue their employers for compensation, and employers are held accountable to provide reasonably safe working conditions and to maintain their vessels so that they are safe and seaworthy.


What exactly does “maritime” mean? Maritime encompasses all things related to the sea. This may be used in both commercial and military shipping and transportation. Admiralty law is a word used interchangeably with maritime law to describe the body of laws that regulate marine activities.

Law of the Sea, which controls international commerce, mineral rights, jurisdiction over coastal seas, treaties, and international relations between nations, is distinct from maritime law, which governs maritime activities. Admiralty cases are more local, including civil litigation, persons, corporations, and their representatives.


“As soon as your ship lands in Houston” is the short response to the issue of when to contact a lawyer after an accident at sea. In the event that you have access to a mobile phone or Wi-Fi and the ability to make personal phone calls on board, contact an attorney immediately.

No one can stop you from calling a lawyer if your ship’s management permits personal calls for its crew members.

For some employees, the typical error is to pose as “team players” who don’t mind if they cause a fuss with the fear of litigation.

To defend an image that won’t help you in the long term, you may have to pay a high price. It is common for Houston maritime employees to wish they had contacted an attorney sooner rather than later following an accident.

Don’t attempt to figure out whether you have a case worth pursuing on your own, no matter how many blogs and websites tell you to do so.

Call a lawyer as soon as possible. Many admiralty matters have been successfully litigated by Patrick Daniel, and his ability to spot an opportunity for success in the first few minutes of a free consultation is unrivalled in the field.

No out-of-pocket costs will be incurred if Patrick Daniel Law agrees to take on your case, and the legal fees will be deducted from the ultimate settlement.

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