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Home, Car, and Business Amway car insurance or Amsure Insurance


About Amsure:

Amway car insurance, Auto & General, and Aon South Africa have teamed together to provide a new and interesting method to get vehicle, house, and business insurance. Latest Information about Amway car insurance.

Since 2003, hundreds of Amway IBOs have been insured with Amsure, which was created by Amway in 2003.
We provide industry-leading benefits in a policy that gives you peace of mind, backed by the strength of the insurance giant Auto & General.

The value-added service is used by new ABOs

Amsure Cash Back incentive, understandable policy language, innovative claims processing technology, and great contact center expertise are all included in the service.

As a policyholder, you will have the opportunity to earn money on a regular basis.

What is the scope of the offerings?

Auto & General, one of South Africa’s most respected insurers, underwrites Amway car insurance, Home, and Business Insurance, making it one of the most cost-effective and hassle-free options available.

Members of Amway, as well as their loved ones and close acquaintances, may purchase this item. Am sure is a terrific business opportunity since you can earn PV points from every active policy under the ABO number of your family, friends, and downline.

This is just one of the ways Amway members may benefit from Amsure Car, Home, and Business Insurance. It allows you to make use of all of these optional extras:

  • As an added perk, Cash-back Plus provides 25 percent of your money returned at the conclusion of four years of claim-free comprehensive insurance coverage.

We offer the following extra value-added products, which you can either take out as new policies or add to your current policies, to guarantee that you and your family are adequately protected in the event of an unexpected disaster:

  • Accidental death insurance for individuals
  • Repair chips, dings, and scratches on your vehicle without having to use money from your primary insurance coverage.
  • Small dings and scratches on your car may be fixed with a touch-up paint job.
  • AutoXtend is automobile shortfall insurance.
  • Tyre & Rim Guard – protects your wheels and tyres from damage caused by a variety of road hazards.


  • Guarantee – a lifetime guarantee on all car repairs
  • Even if you file a claim, your premiums will remain the same for the next year.
  • Your first year’s payments will be refunded, or you may reclaim 25 percent of the total premiums paid (whichever is less)* if you’ve had no claims for four years.
  • For the first time in the company’s history, Auto & General Insurance now offers the option of insuring your car for its actual market value. In the event that your automobile is written off, these choices would pay you out for the same amount. But if your vehicle is written off, you’ll be reimbursed for a newer model with less miles on the odometer if you choose the BetterCar Value option.
  • Sunday 8:00-13:30 is the call center’s business hours.

If your automobile is totaled, BetterCar Value Insurance will provide you with a newer model of the same make and model at no additional cost.

If the car is written off and the BetterCar option has been selected as the vehicle’s value, the client will be paid out for the equivalent of the same model one year younger than the vehicle which was written off.

At least 15% more than the covered model’s market value, but in no case, more than 40%, shall serve as the replacement value under the BetterCar program.

Along with improving and sustaining service excellence inside our own organization, we also want to raise the overall quality of customer care across the industry. After all, we’re all aiming for the same thing: complete customer happiness!

Auto & General

Sales, Customer Care and inquiries

0860 09 10 11

Allocation of PV

PV may only be assigned a month behind schedule after the transaction has been completed.

Indicator of Power To Volume

  • Insuring a motor vehicle, a residence, and a business costs R88 (excluding VAT and third-party expenses).
  • Only R59 (without VAT and third-party costs) equates to 1 PV General for Lifestyle Members.

The Bonus Department at Amway should be contacted with any PV-related inquiries for quick and efficient first-time resolution:

  • The phone number is +27 21 405 1700. “
  • Text: +27 86 540 4454, or +27 86 512 8314.

Customer Service Center Amsure

  • 866-900-9600, extensions 910 and 11, respectively.
  • Only accessible to residents of South Africa.

Amway Car Insurance Quotes:

Top Famous quotes and sayings about Amway car insurance.

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